Acuitus Company Profile

Acuitus has over the years created a platform for commercial property sellers to sell their properties as buyers identify the best investment opportunities for them. Through auctions, the company has helped many investors find the best commercial properties to buy, and sellers have a platform where they can quickly sell their commercial properties.
The property auction company also offers advice to investors on the best investment strategies to take. Our commercial property agents have visited a number of auctions conducted by Acuitus to buy and sell commercial properties for our clients.

Who Are Acuitus

Acuitus has established itself as a leader in commercial property investment strategies. The company has a different approach to property auctions. Through advice to clients on the best commercial properties to buy and convincing sellers to list their commercial properties with them, the company has managed to transform the simple auctioning process to a platform for investment strategies.

The company offers commercial property auctioneering services through the numerous auctions they hold in the UK. Investors from different parts of the world have found investment opportunities from the Acuitus auctions held. The company also offers independent and specialist advice on the most valuable commercial properties in the market.

Services offered

The company conducts innovative auctions that have been successful every year. Their approach to commercial property auctions has over the years made the company a leader in the commercial property auction market.

Since its establishment, it has successfully achieved a sale of over £2.0 billion in commercial property. It has been instrumental in finding buyers for the commercial properties listed with them, and it has advised commercial property owners to list more properties for sale in their various property auctions in different parts of the UK.

Before any auctions, the company advises commercial property sellers on the potential sale of hundreds of properties, and buyers get comprehensive information about the investments opportunities available based on their budgets.

Their team of professionals is committed to offering a comprehensive analytical study of all the commercial properties that are listed in their auction rooms. They indicate the current values of the properties and their potential value in the future. This way, buyers can make a clear decision on which property to purchase to get returns over time.

Together with Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) and Investment Property Databank (IPD), Acuitus auctions conduct a thorough analysis of all commercial properties for sale in their auction rooms. Their comprehensive research on properties is highly regarded in the commercial property auction market.

Clients Served

Acuitus auctions are focussed on offering an analytical study of commercial properties, investment advice to their clients and an auction platform for commercial properties sellers and buyers throughout the year. Their buyers and sellers include individuals, commercial property agents and companies such as Deloitte, Royal London, Aviva, M & G Investments, Wesleyan, Savills and Legal and General Investment Management.

They conduct auctions at different times of the year on different locations in the UK. As a commercial property agent, we have visited several of their auction rooms throughout the UK to buy and sell commercial properties for our clients.

See our other company profiles of top auction houses as well as our guide to how commercial property auctions work.

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