Understanding Commercial Property Investment

Ready to invest? Find out what types of commercial property investment are available to you.

There are many options open to investors in the UK, but increasingly commercial property investment is becoming a popular choice for solid returns. While like all investments, it’s not without risk, there are many reasons why it can be a good choice for your money. There’s a certain security in bricks and mortar investment, plus there’s also the potential for capital growth. Also, the fact that you have greater control over the investment makes it very appealing to the risk-averse. In the past, buy-to-let properties have been popular however more recently prohibitive taxes for landlords are seeing the market lean more toward commercial property investment.

One of the upsides of commercial property investment in the UK specifically, is that we generally have longer leases than our EU or US counterparts (on average, eight years), meaning that you’re likely to have a stable monthly return for much longer, and generally the returns are higher than your average residential. But, of course deciding to invest in commercial property is only the first step. The next, is deciding what type of property you want.

Types Of Commercial Property In the UK
In the UK, commercial property falls under different classes, and those also classes dictate how the property needs to be used (this is outlined in the Town and Country Planning {Use Classes} Order 1987). These include: shops and retail outlets;
drinking establishments, restaurants,takeaways, business, industrial, financial and professional services, hotels, storage, leisure and more.

The most common and most popular types are retail (including shops and shopping centres, post offices, travel agents and even funeral homes), offices, and industrial (factories and warehouse spaces), though we’re also seeing some decent returns in medical properties and also mixed use properties (i.e: shops with flats above).

When weighing up your commercial property investment options, you should also consider the location, physical condition of the property, and its opportunity for expansion, like the buyer we recently sold a half acre Europcar car and van rental site in Doncaster to. On top of solid returns and yields the site also boasted development potential, making it a smart choice for now, and in the future.

Commercial Property Investment can be daunting, but not if you have the right help. Our team at Prideview Properties has over 30 years of industry experience and can offer the expert knowledge and support you need, as well as helping you secure the best deal for you. Contact us today to find the your next commercial property or view our current portfolio of Investment Property For Sale.

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