Our History

Established in 1985, Prideview Group has become an authority in the acquisition, management and sale of commercial and residential properties throughout the United Kingdom

With more than 35 years experience embedded within this dynamic industry, Prideview Group has built up a solid name in the commercial property market. Not only have we earned a renowned reputation for our professional insights and expertise, but our long-standing engagement within the industry has allowed us to develop an expansive network of contacts throughout the UK and beyond.

As proud as we are of our past achievements, we’re also heavily invested in evolving our business services to meet emerging and future trends in the market. Recently, we expanded the group to include several more divisions, encompassing everything from lettings and management to finance and insurance. Factor in the addition of dedicated agency and disposals divisions and you’ll see we provide all the services required for the acquisition, maintenance and ultimate disposal of commercial property. Non-resident landlords can also find a first-rate range of additional services to ensure their investments in the UK are well looked-after.

Our extensive client portfolio includes several hundred investment companies based in the UK and abroad. Our diverse client base includes the likes of hoteliers, retailers and private investors, with many more professions represented along side. Our scale and far-reaching influence has allowed us to secure a unique niche position within the property auction and private landscape. We’ve leveraged this scale and standing even further to seal our reputation as a premier player when it comes to finance negotiation, insurance and management deals.

We’ve seen seismic shifts in the market over the past several decades, but have always delivered in respect to client objectives. Whether it be a boom time, recession or stretch of market stability, our expert team can be depended on to steer our clients towards success. Under the seasoned direction of our Board, our teams of lawyers and accountants, financiers, insurers and building professionals, we provide a multi-faceted source of expertise that consistently exceeds client expectations.

We can ensure you make all the right moves

We’re believers in the sharing of knowledge and industry insights, which is why you’ll find a busy schedule of hosted events for investors, medical professionals and property agents. In addition to this, we also bring our organisational expertise to the planning and execution of annual charity sporting events.

Looking to invest in property with the right guidance behind you? No matter whether you’re considering your first foray into investment or already own your own property in London, the South of England or elsewhere in the UK, we can ensure you make all the right moves.

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