One of the most important elements of the commercial property market is financing. No matter whether you’re a first-time buyer itching to build up a commercial property portfolio or an established developer determined to take a project to its next stages, finding the right finance model for your project makes all the difference.

At Prideview Group, we’re experienced in helping clients finance their commercial property acquisitions acquisitions and development endeavours. We can also help clients looking for re-financing solutions. Our team can arrange loans totalling up to 75% of the valuation or purchase price of all manner of commercial properties on the market. These properties can include, but aren’t limited to offices, shops both with or without additional accommodation, pubs, hotels and even nursing homes.

A Service Tailored To Your Individual Needs

Clients looking to finance commercial property purchases, developments or renovations represent a wide variety of different industries and vocational backgrounds. As such, we appreciate that individual needs and specific requirements of our clients can be varied. That’s why we commit to providing our client base with tailored advice on available financing, ensuring they receive the best deal for them at the time.

Interest rates vary from 3% more than the base rate offered by banks . The same is true of loan terms which can extend to a period of 25 years, with full or partial repayment over the term in the outlined agreement. Other lender requirements such as financial disclosure, personal guarantees, interest and capital deposits, are key areas we can provide detailed guidance on. Our support will ensure clients are completely confident with the financing model they finally agree upon.

Are you looking to property auctions as a new way of procuring commercial premises?

They can certainly be a lucrative marketplace, with many a saving to be had. However, financing an auction property isn’t always straightforward. With adequate notice time, we can help clients wishing to procure auction commercial properties who may additionally require the arrangement of finance.

In most cases like this, we will source the property for our client based on their requirements, before subsequently arranging finance for them.

In the current market, the most attractive properties to prospective buyers are ones that enjoy prime locations, with these ‘blue chip’ properties then let to strong covenants for seven years or more. Due to their enviable locations and popular appeal, it’s not always easy to find such a properties at the right price. However, with our insights and expansive network in place, we can find a suitable deal that delivers on your requirements.

Once we’ve found you a property, we can also arrange the finance of the deal. For those clients looking to keep things as streamlined as possible, this is an ideal option that not only saves plenty of time and hassle. Additionally, it’s great option for clients keen to avoid any unwanted delays before progressing to the next stage with their new property.

A first-rate communication and loans financing service. When you work with us, you can be confident your lender, valuer and solicitors can all look forward to exceptional communication to ensure completion occurs on time and as planned. As one of the leading brokers in the industry and with an ever-growing portfolio of satisfied clients, we’re confident we’ll exceed your expectations.

The commercial property sector is a diverse one and we understand the needs for financing to reach farther than simply acquiring a property. For those clients keen to secure commercial property development loans, Prideview Group are worth considering for our in this area. We provide our unrivalled assistance and insights in financing property development projects, be it a new build initiative or a refurbishment project, providing development periods last no longer than 18 months.

It’s worth noting, that property development loans tend to be reserved for the more experienced developers, due to higher confidence levels in meeting required completion dates and high-quality finishes.

This more exclusive commercial property finance is also suitable for properties where planning is already in place, enabling greater project assurances and success.

A Service Tailored To Your Individual Needs

Owner-occupier mortgages for limited companies and individuals that are looking to purchase their trading premises are available. Financing for re-financing existing trading premises is also a possibility. If you’ve got expansion plans that hinge on securing financing from the best providers around, we’re your go-to resource for finding out what exactly is out there and what finance options best fit your specific requirement.

Whether you’re looking to jump on the property development ladder with an auction property, a developer keen to turn their next project into a reality or seeking something more specific, let Prideview Group provide you with all the insight you need to make the right choice. For more information about how best to finance your next foray into property, Prideview Group is your first port of call, providing you with the support of one of the most respected commercial property agents in London.