Full Property management services

Achieving success and ensuring commercial property management best practices requires time, knowledge and skill. When one of these areas slips, property management suffers. The good news is that we provide landlords with an affordable service that sees us take total control and responsibility for your property. We’ll ensure your property is managed proactively, keeping the landlord and tenant relationship on good terms and leaving you plenty of time to focus on your core business activities.

Want To Know More?

Download our Management brochure. We manage approximately £50 million worth of commercial and residential property. In total, these properties generate a combined rent in excess of £3 million per annum. Our clients come from all corners and backgrounds, with private investors, professionals and entrepreneurs alike. Our approach is both personal and professional, with a broad management package ensuring that all of our clients have their needs fully addressed.

Our Management Package Includes

Stress-Free Returns And Total Control

We believe a proactive management philosophy is crucial in ensuring that values are maintained and increased. Many of our clients will testify that by allowing us to handle their commercial property management, they have experienced stress-free returns.

This is the result of multiple successes such as achieving higher than anticipated sales prices, overseeing systematic rent increases for annual profit rises and the foresight to identify and eliminate major liabilities before they arose and became a detriment to the business.

We regularly keep our clients updated regarding their investments and encourage open and frequent communication. This enables you to remain in full control of your assets at all times.

Dilapidations And Schedules Of Conditions

Simply put, dilapidations are the repairs and renewals that accrue over a lease period. At the end of a lease period, it’s essential that a property is returned to a landlord in the condition as defined by the lease terms. Alternatively, adequate compensation is paid to the landlord in lieu of carrying out the required works.

To achieve this result, an analysis of the lease needs to be carried out. Additionally, related documents that detail property inspection need to be assessed to prepare a Dilapidations Schedule that sets out the position of the landlord.

We work with expert Chartered Surveyors to ensure the ideal solution is reached within the minimal timeframes, bringing high levels of flexibility to our clients in a way that reduces inconvenience as much as possible.

Likewise, at the commencement of a lease, the landlord may wish to commission a Schedule of Condition. This accurately records the condition of the property in question, with supporting documentation that helps remove any doubt and avoids disagreements down the line.

Non-UK Resident Landlords (NRLs)

We are registered with the HMRC’s Financial Intermediaries & Claims Office (FICO). This means that we are fully authorised to handle the tax affairs of our overseas clients via our highly reputable, in-house accountancy team. If you’re keen to learn more about this area of service, we highly recommend you delve into our informative Guide for Foreign Investors in UK property.

Lease Consultancy Services

We offer the following Lease Consultancy services to both managed and non-managed clients.

Rent Reviews, Lease Renewals And Break Clause Removal

It takes a certain combination of skills to deliver effective results. All of this needs to be combined with the right business mindset, practical thinking and a unique negotiating ability in order to reach the right resolutions for our clients. We’ve consistently delivered in this respect as our track-record demonstrates. This includes settling rent reviews and lease renewals with proficiency and promptness on behalf of the many landlords we’re happy to call our clients.

Our team of commercial property managers alongside specialist providers who together provide premium representation in arbitration, independent expert determinations and court hearings, should disagreements arise.

Should you wish to remove break clauses from leases, our expertise in negotiating compromises with tenants can once again prove useful to you. A general trend in the current market is that lenders and investors assume tenants will look to exercise any break clause in a contract, thereby reducing the value of the property in question.

Lease And Title Plans

After the Land Registration Act 2002 came into force in October 2003, new leases of seven years or more must be registered with Land Registry, along with a Compliant Lease Plan. The same applies to existing leases sold with seven years or more of unexpired. For this purpose, we provide premier quality lease plans with meticulous site visits and Ordnance Survey location maps. What’s more, the plans provided to you are delivered in the formats you’ll need: CAD, PDF, or paper.

Land Registry Title Plans are based on Ordnance Survey maps. We can prepare a Title Plan from scratch or update existing ones. We can also show removed parts from a previous title plan and add to a new one.