Are You A Private Investor Looking For Specialist Support To
Purchase Commercial Properties?

Prideview Group are here to help. We’ve been in the business of commercial property acquisitions for more than 30 years. We are now a trusted authority on commercial property auctions and private sales. Our position as premier commercial property consultants and our extensive industry insights provides peace of mind for our clients. What’s more, our expansive network of business contacts means we can fine tune the process of purchasing a commercial property to save you time and inconvenience down the line.

Keen to Know More About Our Acquisition Service?

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Looking To Buy Commercial Property But Unsure
What To Do First?

We can help you through the whole process

We can help you find an investment that best suits your needs. Once we’ve narrowed down the search or found a deal you’re keen on, we can recommend a suitable solicitor at competitive prices to oversee all the necessary legal due diligence and financing.

Our in-house account team can also advise and guide on structuring the transaction, whether that involves setting up a limited company or registering you for VAT.

Throughout the whole process, we’ll monitor the transaction to ensure things run smoothly. Once you’ve acquired a property, we can continue to assist by handling the management and insurance side of things, leaving you to enjoy your new income source and seek out future investments.

Discover Our Previous Deals

Our available and completed deals are split across four main budget categories: <£500k, £500k-£1m, £1m-£5m and £5m+.

Simply select the budget category that best suits your requirement to find exciting opportunities across the UK. If you find something that catches your eye but isn’t available, we can source a similar alternative that meets your expectations.

Foreign Buyers

We understand that foreign buyers have unique needs when it comes to buying commercial property and tend to have a particular investment in mind. If you and your funds are based outside of the UK, or you are UK-based but have funds outside of the UK, we can put our expertise in working with foreign buyers to good use and help you take the next steps. We will not only makes the process easier for you, but our UK-based team will ensure you have a trusted partner on the ground to keep a close eye on your investment.

Check out our UK Investment page to see an in-depth outline of our services that cater toward overseas buyers, covering key topics such as accounting, tax and legal services, as well as our tailored management services.

Buying At Auction

Many buyers are weary of heading to auction. Last-minute contractual and guide-price changes can stir up concern in potential buyers, whilst even the most enthusiastic of investors can see their hopes dashed by a competing bid at the last moment. We understand how individual investors may be averse to auctions, but can help broaden your investment horizons with excellent support services if you choose to go down this route. Rest assured we have a keen awareness of auction behaviour and bidding patterns after years of buying and selling thousands of properties at auction over the years. Turn to us for first-rate insights and advice, or let us handle the hard work for you and bid on your behalf. Head to the Auctions page if you’re looking to learn more about what we can do for you here.

Our Fees

Our acquisition fees are usually a small percentage of the overall purchase price. However, it’s important to remember this will vary from deal to deal and a base minimum charge is in place. After we send you a deal, you’ll find the price offered includes the additional fees charged by us. All fees added by us will be clearly stated for your consideration.

Post-acquisition assistance

Long-term relationships with our clients are a core part of our philosophy and nurture long-term investments. In fact, we’re still working with clients to sell, do rent reviews and refinancing on properties, many of which we helped acquire 20 years ago.

We offer insurance services for buyers upon completion and can also help handle your property management obligations.

We can list your property on our globally-marketed website as acquired if you’re looking to keep yourself open to potentially large profit opportunities.