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The U.K property market has long been considered an excellent investment opportunity for overseas investors.

With its favourable exchange rates, thriving financial sector and robust legal system, the U.K is an ideal destination for foreign investment. Its freehold nature of property and the fact the GBP is currently near a 30-year low, makes this a prime time to pick up a fantastic London property investment.

If you’re a foreign investor looking to the U.K commercial property market, we can help. With our history of acting for foreign investors, family businesses and their representatives, we are best placed to understand your unique needs and motivations.

We pride ourselves on providing overseas investors with a high standard of service and investment opportunities in London and throughout the U.K.
Read on to discover what we can do for you.

Providing You With Expert All-Round Selling Service
As an overseas investor, you need only the very best to take care of your commercial property transaction. Firstly, you’ll need an excellent agent to coordinate the whole process, from sourcing the investment to managing and eventually disposing of it.
You also need a good accountant and solicitor to work alongside your agent to enable the transaction to be executed efficiently and correctly. This is where PrideviewGroup steps in. With our dedicated legal team, access to funds and respected agents, we can give you the full assurance you need when investing abroad.

Here’s some other ways in which we can help

We can help you understand thekey issues facing any overseas investor in the U.K. Our Guidance for Foreign Investors in UK Propertygives you all the insight you need or you can call the team for some further advice.
Any overseas investor needs an experienced and trustworthy U.K partner to manage the property. For a summary of how our team can help, read our Management brochure.

Foreign investors are often concerned aboutVAT on commercial properties. HoweverVAT, although confusing, is not normally a problem. You can download your Summary of VAT on UK Commercial Property for further clarification on this.

We can also assist in arranging finance for overseas investors, subject to a minimum loan size of £1M. For more information contact Nilesh Patel onnilesh@pridemanagement.co.uk.

Lastly you can have access to all the latest property news for foreign investorsby following our blog here.

Giving You Confidence To Find The Right Investment For You

If you’d like some examples of quality real estate investments in London that we’ve acquired for foreign buyers, take a look at the transactions we’ve completed previously below.

To discuss your requirements and circumstances in the strictest confidence, contact us to arrange a private consultation by phone, video-conference or in person.

Once we know your precise requirements, we are confident we will source the right deal for you. Make sure to involve us in the process early on to guarantee a better success rate.

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