Quality Commercial Property Agents AND Consultants in London

Prideview Group has been at the forefront of commercial property investment services since 1985. For more than 30 years, we’ve been the premier choice for clients seeking expertise on the acquisition, management and sale of quality commercial property in London, the South of England and throughout the UK. 


Since it founded, Prideview Group has become a trusted and respected authority on UK commercial property investment and commercial property auctions. Today, we’re active in everything from competitive insurance options and reliable property management, to foreign investor services and specialist blue-chip property investment consultancy.


Keen to land a foot on the lucrative commercial property ladder? Whether you’re a first-time buyer seeking for your first acquisition or out to bag a premium property at bargain price at auction, you’ve come to the right place.


We’re seasoned specialists when it comes to buying commercial properties for private investors. Since 1985, acquisitions have been at the forefront of our business, allowing us to develop an extensive network and refine our industry-leading expertise, leading to a long-standing reputation as one of the most respected and reliable authorities in UK commercial property acquisitions.


More and more investors are turning to the auction market to seek out commercial properties at enticing prices. Our auction support services ensure even a private investor with relatively little experience in commercial property auctions can enjoy the exciting benefits of this booming source of investment potential with mitigated levels of risk.


We make selling properties at a highly desirable price within a timeframe that suits the requirements of our clients easier than ever. Our established network of investors, first-rate marketing tactics and sensible approach to pricing ensures that clients looking to sell with us see the best possible returns on their commercial property investments.


Finding the financing side of commercial property investment a hassle? We can arrange commercial property loans with attractive rates of interest to clients looking to get their hands on properties for all manner of industry sectors. Our expertise also makes finalising finance for auction properties possible, while property development financing is also open to established developers and prospective properties with planning already in place.


Tired of dedicating too much time and money to the management of your commercial properties? Our management services allow self-managing landlords to lighten the load, with our team on hand to take over all those time-intensive tasks and responsibilities for a small fee. Ideal if your keen to move forward with your next commercial property project and leave your current investment in reliable hands.


We obtain commercial property insurance quotations for clients from all kinds of backgrounds and industry sectors. Whether it’s a night club or care home, we can advise on the very best insurance products available to you as the landlord, ensuring you well within compliance and that any potential claims are properly handled to increase payout success.