More than a £1Bn of property is sold to investors at commercial property auctions every year. Average lot sizes hover around £600k, making these types of properties an ideal prospect for private investors with the right finance backing behind them.
Private investors face an altogether more difficult task when it comes to commercial property auctions, however. Tight timeframes are a staple of these kinds of auctions, making it difficult for the average investor to review auction catalogues within the required schedule. The good news for private investors is that this is where we can help.
With our extensive resources and industry expertise. We scour the commercial property auction market to find investment opportunities that are a perfect match for your needs. Over the past few decades, we’ve dealt with thousands of auction properties, and know the marketplace inside and out. Our buying and selling service has also been tailored to increase the benefits and mitigate risks.

The benefits of buying at auction
  • Quick and guaranteed timeframe
  • No ‘gazumping’ once the hammer goes down
  • Potential to grab a real bargain

The risks of buying at auction

  • It’s a buyer beware marketplace, which means buyers assume the risk that the product may be defective or unsuitable to their needs
  • Last-minute guide price changes can derail bidding plans
  • Too many catalogues and too little time to find a deal
  • Significant legal expenses
  • Prospect of over-paying for properties
    How We Can Help You Buy At Auction

    Weighed up the benefits of buying at auction against the risks and still unsure as to whether it is for you?

    We have extensive experience of some of the highest profile property auctions in London and other auction houses elsewhere in the UK.

    We can help you explore property auctions in London and other areas by offering you:

    • Identification of suitable properties with due diligence and communication with auctioneers
    • Top insight on the best bidding strategies
    • Arrangement of finance for purchase, pre and post auction
    • Liaising with trusted solicitors recommended by us
    • We red flag last-minute guide price changes that exceeds your budget
    • Only charge a pre-agreed acquisition fee if successful
    • Option for management and insurance services of new property
    The benefits of selling at auction
    • Quick and guaranteed timeframe
    • Flexibility allows you to adjust your reserve price or sell pre or post auction
    • Wide-marketing with definitive sales dates to encourage stronger bidding behaviour

    The risks of selling at auction

    • Abortive costs like catalogue fees
    • Too low a reserve can see you selling short
    • Too high a reserve can chase off buyers
    • A non-sale result can reflect badly on property
    • Higher overall sales fees compared to private sales
      How Prideview Group Can Help You Sell At Auction
      We’re committed to ensuring our clients pick the right sale option suited to them. Should an auction prove the most lucrative approach, we can advise you on how to make the next move at some of the best commercial property auctions in London.
      • First we review all options to see if auction is the best route for you
      • Decide on the right auctioneer to use
      • Help you fix a reserve price
      • Assist with the marketing of your property to our database
      • Negotiation with pre or post auction bidders
      • Advise of any last minute changes to reserve prices
      • We only charge a pre-agreed disposal fee if successful

      To discuss our commercial auctions London experience or talk about our property auction services in more detail, get in touch with us today.  

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