Securing the best price within a timeframe that suits is a staple of any commercial property seller’s wish list. Our agents are here to help you achieve the best result possible.

An established network
A good agent is highly connected and apt at spotting country-wide opportunities. Our mailing list includes an impressive pool of around 10,000 property investors segregated by location, budget and tenant preference criteria. Our connections extend beyond the capital and throughout the rest of the UK. As a result, we can help you find serious buyers, wherever your commercial property is based.

A website marketed for success
Our website enjoys a page 1 listing on Google for classic buyer searches like ‘investment property for sale’ and ‘commercial property consultants London’. In the last year alone, our site welcomed more than 100,000 page views. That’s a huge pool of potential buyers engaging with our platform. Be wary of agents and agencies who make big promises but barely register an online presence or make marketing mistakes.

Realistic pricing of properties
Don’t be duped by agents who tell you a competitive market means an extortionate price is the right asking price. We’ve worked within acquisition for more than 30 years and have seen how much buyers are prepared to spend. If we think your asking price is significantly out of touch with its market value, we’ll be upfront and recommend how to bring it more in line with a price that will see a successful sale.

Extensive auction experience
Offloading by private sales is the standard route of selling commercial property, but our in-depth expertise in selling at auction means we can expand your horizons. In fact, there’s certain types of properties that simply better suit the swift, no-nonsense approach of the auction rooms. Not all auctions are the same, however. We can help you find the right one for your commercial property sale,and advise on a reserve price so you don’t run the risk of leaving yourself short if bidding behaviour is slow, but the hammer comes down all the same.

Our Disposal service packages​

ACTIVE – great for the genuine seller

  • Full marketing by way of inspection, brochure, website listing, e-mail shot, social media activities, external digital and/or print advertising.
  • Identifying all suitable buyers found in our database
  • A reasonable timeframe of around two months with notice required to terminate
  • An up-front fee of £350 + VAT is required to cover all initial marketing costs, although this is deductible from the eventual disposal fee invoiced to you.

OFF-MARKET – the discrete seller’s selection

  • Understated one-to-one marketing to a select pick of investors and third parties
  • No brochure listings; only online with or without social media listings
  • Shorter agreement duration means you’re free to pursue other disposal options if there’s no sale within an agreed upon time
  • No need to part with up-front fees

PASSIVE – an option for open-minded landlords

  • Website listing only
  • Slightly above-market prices permitted
  • No fixed sale timeframe to consider
  • No need to part with upfront fees

If you’re keen to discuss our Disposal service packages in more detail, get in touch with us today.